Why Viva Investment Partners

VIP provides institutional investors, family offices, HNWI and other assets allocators with an exclusive opportunity to partner with a unique Investment Platform that enables participation in fund managers who have demonstrated their success in the first phase of their development, and who seek to expand their franchises. This is an exceptional way to diversify, manage risk, access proprietary deal flow, and capture returns.  

VIP has unique relationships with family offices, corporate investors, pension funds, and other global asset allocators which enables VIP to establish a strong position in this growing market opportunity along with other well-positioned investment firms.

Commercially Attractive Incentives

Institutional Strength Infrastructure

New Deal Flow Through Network Partners

Shareholder Base with investment Management and Venture Capital Pedigree

Experienced Team of Financial Professionals

Viva Investment Partners

The Venture Industry is still a cottage industry, but will become a significant asset class through the adoption of a platform structure and strategy.

  • The selling of assets as tokens, or digital securities (to accelerate liquidity), is still in its early stages of development; the majority of VC backed start-ups in this emerging market are still sold to Silicon Valley tech firms.
  • A disconnect still exists between LP’s, GP’s, entrepreneurs.
  • There is a need for Venture Capital in Europe to further align with its backbone of growth, including its economy its family and private businesses.
  • Venture backed start ups can test behaviours, unit economics and product/market fit before scaling through
    engagement with a corporate partner who provides access to their customer base.
  • New digital native platforms are not being created from venture capital money only. True digital enablers (challengers) are engaging with incumbents to create ‘naturalised’ digital platforms.

Platform and Consolidation Approach to Fund Management with additional business units.

VIP developed a significant and proprietary deal flow, which includes co-investment opportunities from and for our portfolio funds.