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the multi-manager investment platform

Platforms have taken over every other industry; they are taking over venture capital. VIP’s Multi-Manager Investment Platform brings an institutional investment grade solution to a cottage industry, enabling fund entrepreneurs to focus on their unfair advantage and VIP to leverage their investment firm for them. VIP’s FundStack™ is what fund entrepreneurs need to succeed and scale.

VIP’s Platform offers large asset allocators diversification, early access, a service level agreement for compliance and an ability to secure liquidity when the returns are in.

VIP works with entrepreneurs: leaders of companies and investment funds. Our skills, insights and abilities have been hard won. We deploy them on behalf of emerging fund entrepreneurs. Using our experience, we identify those funds which have achieved the first close of capital, typically within a venture capital fund, and who have invested these funds intelligently.

VIP onboards these newly emerging fund entrepreneurs onto its own platform through which we provide a set of shared services that enable the fund to scale.

The FundStack™

VIP’s FundStack™ promotes innovation, productivity and efficiency for venture funds that are ready to scale. Our platform offers a range of services offered by our family of business experts. Our colleagues and partners can deliver value at many levels, including in full General Partner roles, investment committees, fundraising for the second close, portfolio company boards, participation in VIP’s operating platform including Entrepreneur Country Global and Follow The Entrepreneur, and regulatory management in selected jurisdictions.

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