The VIP Investment Platform is the Solution

  • Diversification of risk across
    ecosystems managers
  • Managed by experienced fund GP’s
  • The one-stop offer of capacity for large Asset Allocators.
  • Service level guarantee and standardized reporting.
  • Venture Capital is the asset class with the potentially highest returns.

The European VC industry operates like a cottage industry of small partnerships where the management company is accelerated after 10 years.

  • Few create enterprise value or build access to permanent capital.

Across all other asset classes, the industry has seen a rise of platforms and a separation of the roles of Fund Manager and Portfolio Manager.

  • Funds should focus on their core value proposition the investment cycle, while leaving the running of the business to a platform which has synergies of scale and economics

The obvious solution is a VC-focused platform offering regulatory infrastructure and operational backbone, along with the separation of specialist roles in the value chain.

  • In short, venture capital has to mature as an asset class into a proper asset management industry.

VIVA Investment Partners (VIP) Provides a ‘Fund Stack’ of Services to Scale Funds