Follow the Entrepreneur

The Follow The Entrepreneur (FTE) Investor Summit brings together Investors and Entrepreneurs once a year in a Mediterranean harbour city for a week of keynotes and networking. The 10th Annual FTE Greece was held in October 2020 in Greece.

For 10 years, The FTE Investment Summit Series have brought together thousands of entrepreneurs and investors to share insights, ideas, inspiration and investment opportunities. Hosted at the Four Seasons Hampshire for six years, FTE took the popular summit to beautiful harbour cities, including Malta, Dubrovnik, Taormina, and now island of Kea near Athens, Greece.

The FTE Summit has gained a reputation throughout Europe as a pre-eminent leading summit for Europe’s business builders. More than 1,000 speakers have graced the stage, and hundreds of millions of €, $, CHF and £ have gone into the businesses from the investors in attendance.

JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Royal Bank of Canada have all been partners over the years.

So far in 2020, the FTE has held events in London (3), Milan (1), and Athens (1) as well as 2 online events.

The FTE community is a globally minded, early adopter, high disposable income group of individuals who are joined by their desire 1) to move people up Mazlov’s Pyramid, 2) to help people build their Personal Economies, 3) to create Sustainable Economics for every Ecosystem, and 4) to put the entrepreneur at the heart of society.

‘Society works best when it’s organised around the entrepreneur,’ Julie Meyer

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