Ecosystem Economics®

Ecosystem Economics® is the Investment Strategy of VIVA Investment Partners.

Dr Meyer developed Ecosystem Economics through the decade of 2000 to 2010, and first published a book on it in 2012: although she was writing online about Ecosystem Economics since 2011:

She has written about Ecosystem Economics on Linked In:  (6) LinkedIn where she was an Influencer, as well as on Forbes:   Julie Meyer – Julie Meyer Blog ( .   Ecosystem Economics is found throughout her presentations for the past decade:   How Ecosystem Economics™ Predicts the Winners in the Digital Age ( and in her thousands of speaking engagements since 2010:   Julie Marie Meyer Personal Website – An Entrepreneur’s Story

Carlotta Perez’ Theory of Disruptive Technology was an early influence on Dr Meyer (2006) as well as the work of Ronald Coase:  The Nature of the Firm – Wikipedia and that of Hernando de Soto:  Hernando de Soto (economist) – Wikipedia As she was a Judge at the Economist Intelligence Unit Awards for many years, and involved in the European technology scene from 1988 onwards, she developed an understanding ‘as an outsider’ of the unique opportunity to build a uniquely European identity to businesses in the Internet age as opposed to imitating those from Palo Alto.

Taught by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne at INSEAD in 1997 where she received her MBA and became one of the INSEAD Top Alumni of all time, joining the Board of Directors for 6 years, she considered how Blue Ocean Strategy was relevant to the companies she was backing as a venture capitalist.

Through the portfolio companies on whose Boards she sat or who she advised and/or sold or invested in from 2000 to March 2011, Dr Meyer formed a philosophy which was essentially the answer to Creative Destruction – Creative destruction – Wikipedia

Ecosystem Economics® is a registered trademark, and its use in investment work is an asset of Julie Meyer and VIVA Investment Partners.  

For information about how to enrol in a Master Class and /or to play the Ecosystem Economics Game, please send an email to Julie on [email protected]