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Venture Ecosystem Platform

Partner with a unique investment platform 

Emerging fund managers are not able to scale their funds.

Access proprietary deal flow

Global asset allocators are looking for allocation routes.

Manage risk and capture returns

Platform businesses are key growth enablers.

Our platform and consolidation approach to fund management enhances enterprise value and develops an investment strategy built for success.

A multi-manager platform

Efficiencies of shared services

Visibility to the investors that are looking for the fund managers

Run by leading fund entrepreneurs and tech founders

Access to the markets and customers in which the fund is investing

VIP provides institutional investors, family offices, HNWI and other asset allocators with an exclusive opportunity to partner with a unique Investment Platform that enables participation in fund managers who have demonstrated their success in the first phase of their development, and who seek to expand their franchises. This is an exceptional way to diversify, manage risk, access proprietary deal flow, and capture returns through Ecosystem Economics®.

VIP was established in July 2018 to seize the market opportunity with the following core objectives:

  • To acquire minority stakes in the General Partners (GPs) and Management Companies of well positioned venture capital and private equity funds, with the goal to take the underlying funds to scale.
  • To source, structure, and lead direct investments.
  • To provide business services to VIP’s portfolio companies and funds.VIP’s founders and founding shareholders are uniquely positioned to source, structure and consummate such opportunities as evidenced by their successful track record as founders of a number of institutional investment funds and venture-backed companies.